Greenhouse With an assortment of tomatoes, Long English cucumbers and sweet bell peppers, we supply quality greenhouse produce year-round from our portfolio of growers in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe.

Greenhouse Sell Sheet:


Beefsteak Tomato

Resembling a traditional garden tomato, the Beefsteak is large and firm with lots of flesh and a thick core.

Cherry Tomato

About the size of a cherry, these sweet, juicy tomatoes make a perfect snack.


Long English cucumbers are sweet and juicy, never bitter.


Sweet bell peppers are perfectly block-shaped and come in a variety of colours: red, orange, yellow and green.

Roma Tomato

Roma tomatoes are easily recognizable by their elongated egg shape.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Often referred to as TOV’s, these medium-sized tomatoes are very versatile.