Tomatoes Our company was founded on field tomatoes and they continue to be a major part of our core product offerings. Our expertise ensures access to year-round supply of vine ripes, mature green, grape, cherry, roma and greenhouse varieties.

Tomatoes Sell Sheet:


Beefsteak Tomato

Resembling a traditional garden tomato, the Beefsteak is large and firm with lots of flesh and a thick core.

Cherry Tomato

About the size of a cherry, these sweet, juicy tomatoes make a perfect snack.

Field Grown Tomato

Field grown tomatoes have a true garden fresh flavour and appearance.

Grape Tomatoes

Because of their name, Grape tomatoes resemble the size and shape of a grape.

Roma Tomato

Roma tomatoes are easily recognizable by their elongated egg shape.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Often referred to as TOV’s, these medium-sized tomatoes are very versatile.

Vine Ripes

Vine ripes are very versatile as they range from small to large sized tomatoes.